Helping MeadowHaven

The MeadowHaven transitional home owes its existence to the hard work and finances of scores of individuals. These people have shared a common vision to help those who have been ensnared by high-control, destructive groups. For several years before MeadowHaven opened, numerous volunteers donated their time and skills to help renovate and reconstruct the facility. Now that MeadowHaven has been up and running for many years, there are significant needs to the ongoing mission of MeadowHaven.

Financial Help

In particular, there is an ongoing need to underwrite the room and board of some of the residents who stay at MeadowHaven. MeadowHaven does not receive any health insurance monies on behalf of its residents. It is not owned or affiliated with any church, and does not receive any State or Federal grants. Even though it is requested that each resident contribute enough to cover the cost of their stay, MeadowHaven does not deny participation to anyone on account of their inability to do so. Thus, the contributions of donors are critical for MeadowHaven to continue its work of healing.

MeadowHaven asks you to please consider sponsoring a resident who otherwise could not afford to cover their expenses. If you know someone personally who has been accepted into the program, you may designate a contribution for that individual, specifically. Otherwise, you can earmark a donation as a "scholarship" and it will be held to help those truly in need.

Checks can be mailed to:

Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 878
Lakeville, MA 02347

Donations can also be sent electronically via a secure connection through PayPal. When using PayPal use the email address for the recipients address.

All donations are tax deductable.

Other Help

There are many other ways to help MeadowHaven. If you live in the area, MeadowHaven has regularly scheduled work days. Volunteers show up by the dozens to help clean the grounds, do basic maintenance, sort through donations, and fellowship with each other. Please don't hesitate to contact MeadowHaven to find out the next scheduled work day.

Additionally, MeadowHaven is always in need of donations. Please refer to our Needs List for an up-to-date list of items that are needed.